Welcome to the Critique Cafe!
Need a little help telling the world your visual story?
Need a little help telling the world your visual story?

What is a Critique Cafe?

Critique Cafe sessions are 30-minute one-on-one video or phone conference meetings to discuss your specific questions/concerns about any visual communication product of your choice (this could include: infographics, presentation slides, brochures, reports, research findings, posters etc).

Sounds awesome! How do I book one?

Critique Cafe sessions are hosted by Julia every Thursday 10am-12pm EST.

1/ email to request your timeslot
2/ send Julia 1 piece of content for review
3/ engage in an open, critical discussion about your visual communication product

My stuff is not public! Can I still send it to you?

Definitely! We respect your and your organization's privacy! All shared content remains yours and is deleted at the end of each session.

How much is it?

The first 30-minute session is completely free! We can discuss the price if you require more time or a need a new session to get feedback on a different visual communication product.